Why Beta?

Why Beta?

Because some assets are place holders and level detailing is minimal.

But why Beta?

I spent a lot of time and hard work on this game but now my time and budget has come to an end and had to release it. This game is a last ditch effort. If you like what you see please consider supporting.

What to expect in the full release. (No extra charge)

  • More Levels (In the middle. Levels after this game's ending will be a part of Chapter 2)
  • Detailed Levels
  • Better models (character and environment)
  • Refined gameplay.

Supporters (donors) will get:

More than 0$: My sincere thanks.

3.99$ or more: Free access to the sequel.


32bit Space Piercer v1 Beta.zip 56 MB
96 days ago
Space Piercer v1 Beta.zip 59 MB
96 days ago

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