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A short game where you're stuck inside of a dream. You need to solve mind boggling puzzles and do challenging parkour to escape. Good luck!


You are having a VERY HARD day. You just got fired from your third job in three months and your wife and kids left you. You're REALLY tired and need to sleep but can't. Sleeping pills are the way to go. Play the game to find out what happens next.


  • 10 levels with progressive difficulty.
  • Simply complex and different types of puzzles and parkour.
  • Simple graphics with dreamy lighting.
  • Intuitive gameplay.
  • Performs really well on low end PCs.
  • Short game. ~Half to One Hour of Gameplay with absolutely no fillers or useless cutscenes, (Length depends on player's problem solving abilities. (Some levels are very hard!))


This game was created using Unity and a solo developer has worked on this project. Please support my work by buying the game. Contact me at email.

32 Bit file has the quality set to very low and should run on low powered systems. Contact me at email to get a 32 bit file with higher quality settings.


To get the Linux version to work, please read the dev log titled "Linux For Ya'll". If this doesn't work for you, use Steam Proton(Tested (not by me)) or WINE.


Please don't expect any fancy graphics or fancy gameplay. This game is a classic puzzle game and I am proud of the way the lighting and aesthetics turned out. If you came here looking for graphics, this is not the right place. But if you came here for a classic game to pass time, then I bet you'll enjoy this!

This is the old version of the game and contains many bugs and a game breaking bug. Please check out the new version here


Tested on PC with following specs and got 70-80 FPS in engine and probably 100-120 FPS ingame.

Specs (IK it's horrible. Please Support)

i5-410U Geforce 840M


MUSIC (Royalty free):  NCM LINK

Updated 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHummus Man
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Blender
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, Indie, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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V1_2_x86_LowerQuality 148 MB
V1_2_x64_BetterQuality 153 MB

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مبدع اقسم بالله مبدع

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أنا أفهم القليل من اللغة العربية الرائعة لذلك أنا أستخدمها لهذا ---* الغرض.
شكرا لك على هذا التعليق. لقد جعلني ذلك سعيدًا جدًا وأنا سعيد لأنك استمتعت باللعبة.

*Google Translate

(In English)

I only understand a little bit of the wonderful arabic language so I am using Google Translate for this.

Thank you for this comment. It made me very happy and I am glad you enjoyed the game. 

I just record a youtube video for your  game for support you pro

Please share the youtube video here. Thank you!!

the vedio will be public in 24oct

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Thank you brother for playing the game. I hope you liked it. 

Please play my other game on you channel also. I would appreciate it a lot!!

Check out my other game


Message me and I will send you a free code.

شكرا لك اخي للعب اللعبة. أتمنى أن يعجبك.

من فضلك العب لعبتي الاخرى على قناتك ايضا سأكون ممتنا كثيرا !!

(Also the version you played is the new version titled A Dream Remake (this is A Dream))

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Good game but when will you add more levels?


I'm glad you liked it!

They are in the works. But no definite ETA as I have a bigger project brewing. Plus, I'm having some difficulties with upgrading the project to a higher version of unity.


Music was great, game is great for what it is. If you would actually see characters, high polygons it would ruin it and make it awful. But the graphics is just stylized, nicely filtered cubes. It is great to make your imagination flow. Yes, you should and are proud of the way it looks and aesthetics, its just the game you can sit and sleep in because of how comfy and chill it is wow. I loved playing it!

Thanks! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!


very nice game

Thank you for playing!


The build does not work on Linux, I am running Ubuntu. I made the file a executeable by using 

sudo chmod +x '/home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux.x86'

The output in the terminal is as follows

Found path: /home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux.x86
Mono path[0] = '/home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux_Data/Mono/etc'
Unable to preload the following plugins:
Display 0 '0': 1366x768 (primary device).
Logging to /home/imran/.config/unity3d/Sohrab Hamza/A Dream/Player.log

Yes, this is a known bug. The Linux version does not work. Please use the windows version with the proton API(steam). It is tested and works. Try wine if you don't use steam.

Guys, please leave your review here after playing the game!

glad i played rhis before you made it buyable :D


Nice game even if short. I'm waiting to see more!

Thank you! It's good to hear that you liked the game. What was your favorite level?

Level 1,3 and 4


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