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So I've had a pretty decent launch reception but this is not where the path ends. I've come up with a list of features that might get added to they game.

  • A level selector
  • More parkour
  • More mechanics (Wall running, Walljumping, etc)
  • More levels.
  • Better visuals guys tell me what you want.

Please comment on what I should add and what should be fixed.

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Mar 21, 2020

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Since you asked, I'll shoot you some constructive criticism.

For starters, I would highly recommend you make the player move along with the moving platforms. Standing on a platform and having it slide out from under your feet is incredibly frustrating. If this is an intentional design choice, maybe to force people to jump more quickly, then feel free to keep it in. You are allowed to make your game as frustrating as you want.

Also, if you're going to have box puzzles I would either allow the player to pick them up or have them slide on a grid system. Pushing them around all loose is borderline infuriating.

And a couple of minor notes on design: if you're going minimalist like this, use of color is really important. Having the exit door sometimes be white, but sometimes be one of the colors matching the buttons can be confusing. Not a big issue because it's not difficult to keep track of which buttons you've pressed, just an FYI. And making sure the player is stopped by the exit door would add some polish. A number of times I just ran through the door and into a pit. It still works and the level finishes, but it just feels less well-made.

I like the aesthetic though. :)

Thanks for the tips! I’m glad you liked the aesthetics!

Yes the player not sticking to the moving platforms is intentional for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is quite disorientating when you move like that. Second, it drastically reduced the challenge.

I added an option in the pause menu that enables you to pick up objects. I did it that way because allowing players to pick up objects just makes the game too easy. But it’s there for people who don’t like the box levels and would like to skip/make them easier.

Exit portals are always the color of the room. Purple in the purple rooms and green in the green rooms. The only exception being the maze level where the portal is white as it transitions to a story element. I changed it to purple based on your recommendation. 

I shall upload this update shortly.