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very nice game

Thank you for playing!


The build does not work on Linux, I am running Ubuntu. I made the file a executeable by using 

sudo chmod +x '/home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux.x86'

The output in the terminal is as follows

Found path: /home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux.x86
Mono path[0] = '/home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/home/imran/Documents/game stuff/itchio/L1.1.25_x64+86_Linux_Data/Mono/etc'
Unable to preload the following plugins:
Display 0 '0': 1366x768 (primary device).
Logging to /home/imran/.config/unity3d/Sohrab Hamza/A Dream/Player.log

Yes, this is a known bug. The Linux version does not work. Please use the windows version with the proton API(steam). It is tested and works. Try wine if you don't use steam.

Guys, please leave your review here after playing the game!

glad i played rhis before you made it buyable :D


Nice game even if short. I'm waiting to see more!

Thank you! It's good to hear that you liked the game. What was your favorite level?

Level 1,3 and 4


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