This game is a submission for the Brackers 2021.2 Game Jam. Made in a week.


You're about to be fired from your hotel job. You're pissed and you must get back at you boss, by... WRECKING HIS HOTEL!

Cause as much chaos as you can before 4pm to win! Throw objects into bonfires and bins to increase the chaos meter. You must avoid security and guests while doing this.

More info in the game tutorial. 

Please press F11 to go full screen in game, other wise the timer does not show up on the top middle part of the screen.


  • WASD to move
  • E to pickup object
  • E to throw object in a dumpster or bonfire


  • Vijay Kumar: Game and Level Designer
  • Chopov: Art and Sound Designer
  • HummusMan: Programming


Download 146 MB

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